Mirror Acrylic Sheet 3

Grace Sign Top Quality Mirror Acrylic Sheet
One side mirror with grey pain or adhesive backside or two sides mirror acrylic sheet.
Material 100% pure virgin raw material
Density 1.2g/cm3
Thickness(mm) 0.5~20
Capacity 2000 tons/month
Main Size(mm) 1220×2440, 1220×1830, 1000×2000,1020×2020
Colors Silver, Gold, Rose gold, Bronze,Cooper,Red,Pink,Blue,Green,Black, etc.
Packing Details PE film on one side of the mirror, backside grey pain or adhesive. PE film on both sides of the mirror side for two sides mirror acrylic sheet.  Wood pallet or wood box packing in the container.
Delivery time 15~25 days depends on the order quantity.


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